Is Your Relationship Working? One Question to Answer

The hardest part of any relationship is the “feeling satisfied” factor.

If you’re satisfied in your relationship your happiness levels are high and so is your partners.

How do you get to these high levels of satisfaction that both of you can share?

Happiness that can be shared is generated by doing something for the one you love and being appreciated for doing it.

Simple in explanation but hard in the doing.

Read this for tips on getting started right now.

Control Your Relationship Destiny

You are the one in charge of your own life.

You are the one that has to live with the choices you make, good and bad.

You are the one in charge of having the experience, knowledge and fortitude to stand by your decisions.

Uncertainly brings heart-break.

Communication is the key to having the relationship you want and deserve. Learn how to talk to your partner without causing arguments or bad feelings.

Learn enough to always be prepared with Rori Raye’s advice.

Are You Relationship Material?

Are You Girlfriend Material?

Have you lost a relationship a couple of weeks or months into it because he says that “you finally revealed the true you”?

Did you understand what he meant or was he just shrugging you off by blaming you?

Many people don’t like conflict. I don’t and you probably don’t either.

The “honeymoon phase” of a relationship is when we are at our best and as we get accustomed to how the relationship works we can find ourselves getting slack in our activities and getting lazy with our decisions.

It’s really just finding our comfort level with the one we are falling in love with but it also signifies a change in the seriousness of the relationship and that we can seem to stop trying so hard at it.

If you’ve been blamed for a breakup it might have still not been your fault, just the way he saw it and nothing more. Certainly you are the same person, that didn’t change.

But do you know how to reveal your comfort level in a relationship without becoming “bitchy” or worse?

There is something you need to know about how your relationship deepens and grows as you both mature into it.

This video is where you start.

Watch it now.

Does Your Frustration Get The Better Of You?

If you’re even a little bit by me your communication skills fall far short of your expectations.

What I mean by that is I think I show my love and caring by example, by the things I do and say and often feel that I do not get the same in return.

My frustration level rises and I get angry. I hold it in the best I can but sometimes the words just come out.

The next day I often reconsider the things I said and felt and feel horrible.

Days like these make me wonder if I am sabotaging my relationship by not being understanding enough, if I am demanding too much.

I think I am and I do.

Rori’s free tools are helping me to get a better perspective of what my needs are when stacked up against the needs of my partner and my relationship.

You can learn more too right here.

Getting Less Than What You Want?

Men do care about closeness.

Men do care about doing the things needed to keep a relationship afloat.

The problem with men is that their idea of “what it takes” is often the bare minimum of what is really needed.

When it’s up to you to form the starting point of getting what you want from the man in your life how do you get started?

Are you afraid to be close and push your anxiety of closeness onto his actions?

Or is he really just that aloof and unaware of what’s needed to make you happy?

You can back away and see if he steps up to the job of moving closer to you but that isn’t a real solution, it can be a quick fix or it can backfire completely.

You need immediate changes to how you approach him and this relationship breaking point so that you aren’t next looking for information on saving your relationship instead of fixing it.

Learn the tools you need right here.

Do You Know How To Get His Real Attention?

Modern Sirens understand that getting his attention and having him give you attention are two completely different things.

You can always demand things from him and he may or may not agree to do them but if his heart isn’t into doing what you ask then have you made a good decision is asking what you did or a bad decision?

Are you poisoning the future by wanting more from him? Only if it’s a demand from you, that’s the truth.

Your relationship can work and you can be happy. You can:

  • Find choices to the ways you approach him and not be demanding and still get what you want, no trickery involved, just a new honest approach
  • Stop chasing him and learn how to have him come to you, and the both of you will be much happier.
  • Balance your Relationship Timeline and stop being so far ahead of him that it seems you’re the on ly one trying to keep the relationship going

We all know there are no quick fixes in life. What you put in doesn’t always equal what you get out.

But when you have the right methods and tools to put forth your best effort that include understanding, commitment and honesty, you’ll always be ready for the curves life, and your partner, throw at you.

Start with watching this video and remember to check out “Have the Relationship You Want” ebook.