Heart Connection Toolkit

Become more intriguing and attractive to a man with almost no effort.

Reconnect Your Relationship

Bring him closer again and start your relationship a new in a way.

Commitment Blueprint Program

Rori Raye's 7 step program that will give you the power of getting him to commit to you.

Dating Secrets for the Single Mom

It's time to start living your dreams and thriving as a whole, fulfilled women again.

The Modern Siren Program

Why do some women have it so easy with men and you don’t? What is the key to enduring happiness? The Modern Siren will show you what you're missing.

Love Scripts For Relationships

How to turn feelings into words that any man cannot resist with Love Scripts and learn to say the things you need to say with confidence.

10 Second Miracle Bundle

10 Second Miracle Bundle ebook cover
You can come closer together again, even as you face the fact that you’re on the verge of breaking up. You can regain that closeness that you once had in The 10 Second Miracle.

Life happens is a hurry, faster and faster. More never-ending distractions that pull your partner away. And when something happens, reactions are swift and sometimes hurtful.

The fear response happens in 1/10 of a second, but has lasting effects for the day, week or longer from the actions you took in that 10-second window when you responded to your fear.

Those moments will guide your relationship into greater closeness, or more distance, depending on what your response actions were.

Are you shutting down intimacy, or are you allowing these moments to create a deeper connection? Are you setting yourself up for years of misunderstandings?

When your partner shares a truth with you, is your response from the heart or purely a reaction that you later may regret?

Choosing the right words, with an authentic response and in an honest way, even if the words are hard to say, can change the way your relationship moves forward.

In those moments, your future happiness is decided.

“10 Second Miracle” will help you get there, in those moments of stress, surprise, and unexpected openness.

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Why You Shouldn’t Write Him Off

It’s all too easy to decide a certain man isn’t for you – we make such quick judgments from those first impressions. And if you’re on eHarmony, you might think that there’s plenty of choice, which means you shouldn’t have to settle for someone who doesn’t measure up.

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