Heart Connection Toolkit

Become more intriguing and attractive to a man with almost no effort.

Reconnect Your Relationship

Bring him closer again and start your relationship a new in a way.

Commitment Blueprint Program

Rori Raye's 7 step program that will give you the power of getting him to commit to you.

Dating Secrets for Single Moms

It's time to start living your dreams and thriving as a whole, fulfilled women again.

The Modern Siren Program

Why do some women have it so easy with men and you don’t? What is the key to enduring happiness? The Modern Siren will show you what you're missing.

Love Scripts For Relationships

How to turn feelings into words that any man cannot resist with Love Scripts and learn to say the things you need to say with confidence.

How to Get Your Man Back

Heart Connection Toolkit
This program will help you become more intriguing and attractive to a man with almost no effort. You’ll be amazed by how easily you attract the man you want in your life and get your man back.

We are not born with all the answers about dating and relationships. And when you look around you can see that the people you know don’t have the best advice to follow either.

In life, experience matters. And you’re being invited to learn from, and lean on, Rori Raye, a trained relationship coach and a former crisis counselor, now married over 25 years.

In the Heart Connection Toolkit audio program you will learn how to:

  • use the toolkit to improve your relationship
  • have more open, loving discussions with your man
  • create more mutual respect and understanding between you
  • change from what isn’t working to what will work in your relationship
  • the words and actions that will help you get your man back


All too often we tell ourselves all the bad things that can happen and all the reasons why dating doesn’t work out and relationships fail, without understanding that by living this disappointment we are actually causing it to happen.

If you could change the way you approach dating, relationships, and men in general, would you take that step?

Or is playing the “poor me” game going to be how you continue living in disappointment?

You can change how you see yourself and how you interact with the world, and the men around you, in positive ways. And you can get started in the next two minutes by listening now to the Heart Connection Toolkit audio program.

Just listen to the audio program… you don’t have to do anything else… and you’ll start to feel better in minutes.

Heroic Love ebook cover

Heroic Love

More marriages end in divorce than in milestone anniversary celebrations. Couples therapy numbers are rising. If you want to make sure your relationship can withstand the test of time, you need a better understanding of, and approach to, love.

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