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The Best Love is Blind

Man and woman, couple in love, standing nose to nose
Love is all about trust and communication. And love should be blind.

We are all familiar with the phrase “love is blind”. This generally means that you put up with being treated badly, because you are in love. And this type of relationship always ends badly.

When I say that the best love is blind, do you know what I mean?

When your relationship has survived past the honeymoon phase, and you’ve been together for a long while, you will still notice small changes to your relationship.

Some small things that were done are now not done. And some things that were never done are now being done.

And these things, these new or forgotten actions, could possibly cause friction in your relationship.

Unless your love is blind. And you can easily ignore these small things, and you can talk to your partner about these small things before they become bigger things (and arguments).

When your relationship has a solid foundation of communication and trust, it can survive almost anything.

Love is blind… and open… and honest. 


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