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How to Tell if Love is Real

Man standing beside woman, woman looking down with hand on face.
When your relationship becomes stale you may ask yourself if love is real.

One of the hardest things to understand about love, when a relationship seems to get cold or stale, is “is it real”?

You may look back and question the things that you, or he, did and look for clues to decide if it was real love or just the temporary excitement of being together.

You know how you felt when you first began dating the person but weren’t yet ready to commit?

That was not love, but it could have been the beginning stages of love.

Do you remember when you first exchanged those three little words, “I love you” and warmth spread through your body?

That could have been love, but it could have been an unexpected reaction to something that happened and those three little words wouldn’t have been said out loud otherwise.

Love, in the romantic meaning, is to do for someone what you would not do for yourself based on the changes your body goes through as your explore your intimacy and passion, sometimes called the “honeymoon phase”.

When this phase passes is when you’ll see the biggest changes in your relationship, and you’ll really find out if love is real.

Do you now seem to fight more, spend more time apart, and just don’t seem to be in the same relationship stage anymore?

As you explore your love, if you’re seeing things about your partner that you don’t like, and can’t live with, you may decide, that in this case, love is not real.

And that’s just fine.

What you need to do now is have a deep sit-down talk with your partner and explore your relationship and love.

If you can both decide to fix these issues, whatever they are, then your love may survive.

If you can’t then maybe, just maybe, your love is not real. 

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