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Dissolving Money Conflict

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Avoiding a discussion of finances, or making it the foundation of an argument when other issues are discussed, is not solving the problem, it’s making the situation worse. And this financial argument that leads to hurt feelings and avoidance, can leave you wondering if you’ll end up alone and poor.

Why do most arguments start with one topic that really is small when you have money issues that don’t get talked about at all?

How can you have a discussion about the money conflict you have with your man when he doesn’t want to talk about your financial problems?

Is making a budget that is fair for the both of you really that hard?

Do you need to spend less, save more, get a higher paying job or something else to put your money problems into the past?

Wouldn’t winning the lottery solve all of your money worries and bring a new breath of life into your relationship?

Is your problem with money the fact that you don’t have enough money?

Pay your bills, treat yourself to extravagant purchases and have the peace of mind that comes with a nice amount in the bank.

Won’t all of your relationship worries go away with just a few more dollars?

In the real world, where you and I live, fights about money and the relationship struggles that happen because of it, rarely have anything to do with money.

It’s more about who is doing what, who is right and who is wrong.

Money arguments shine a light on a lot more than money problems I relationships.

“Dissolving Money Conflict” will provide the framework on how to discuss financial issues, and keep your talks focused on financial issues, and not blow up your relationship.

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Your New Mantra for Lasting Love

Ready to take your love life in an entirely different direction – one that brings you the relationship your heart has always desired, and with a man who adores you beyond your wildest dreams? Then it’s time to adopt a new mantra. Rori Raye explains how you can turn things around – starting now.

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