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Heroic Love

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More marriages end in divorce than in milestone anniversary celebrations. Couples therapy numbers are rising. If you want to make sure your relationship can withstand the test of time, you need a better understanding of, and approach to, love.

Manage Your Love Problems

Changes happens all around us, year after year we have new challenges, but love problems are universal:
Love gets more difficult as lust fades and the effort to maintain and grow a relationship gets harder.

Passion can sometimes be overwhelmed by everyday life. Partners cheat. The day-to-day of togetherness becomes routine and boring.

Anger and resentment can start to fester.

This leads to what we see now, where long-lasting relationships and marriages are the exception, not the norm.

Divorce rates in the US are between 40 and 50 percent.

Marriages that last more than 35 years are 1 in 5, fifty years are one in twenty.

And how satisfied are these long-lasting couples? This is not really a known number, but anecdotally, around 50 percent.

Sometimes divorced people say the first marriage “was a test” and they’ve learned enough to enter into a second marriage, then a third.

And the average here is that about 70 percent off these marriages will also end in divorce.

Understanding Why You Fight and Argue

You need to understand why this happens, and how you can make certain this does not happen to you.

Focusing on new ways to communicate that don’t start a fight but are open and honest talks between you and your husband is the new skill of communication you need to learn.

Heroic Love is the Solution

“Heroic Love” will show you how to avoid the bad, and the worst, of relationship pitfalls, and how to ensure your relationship will stand the test of time. When you learn how to see what the biggest obstacles are to your happiness, you can effectively change how you can build the relationship foundation that will last. It’s truly transformative.

“Heroic Love” is the kind of love identifies and conquers the critical mistakes in your relationship as you learn the steps to add the fulfillment in your life that you deserve. 

You have already fallen in love, now learn how to stay in love. Dr. Randy Gunther’s “Heroic Love” ebook will show you want heroic love really is.

Couple hugging and smiling

Are You Stopping Him From Falling For You?

As things progress, the only thing you need to do to encourage a man to keep moving things forward is to show him how much you enjoy being with him. That means that you’re fully present with him – fun, affectionate, and appreciative of him. When a man feels like he’s making you feel good, he will feel good himself. And it will keep him coming closer and closer.

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